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Love & All is Coming

Talia Sutra

About the Bundle

“Love” is the desire to connect to yourself, others, the world and with life. This connection helps us realize that we are all part of something infinitely larger and more important than ourselves.

This 2-part series will help you explore Love through physical asana, breath and meditation. The hour-long flows blend Hatha yoga with Vinyasa-like flows to prepare the physical body for a state of meditation. In each flow we will navigate through one of the body’s seven main chakras. We begin with the first Love & All Is Coming plan where we’ll explore Roots and Sacral chakras with core and standing postures, Solar with hip openers, and Heart with twists and backbends. In the second series we’ll continue our exploration of the Heart and navigate through the three upper body chakras: Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

The six flow classes build upon the physical side of the practice, while the six meditations connect you to your inner being so that you can see that everything is interconnected and important to the design of the universe.

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Born in Israel, Talia, along with her family, relocated to New York early in her life. Growing up in a structured home environment in the heart of NYC sparked her innate curiosity about life and self discovery. She was first introduced to yoga and meditation at age 6, when her mom integrated these practices into her lifestyle to beat lymphoma. After dropping out of art school, Talia began teaching at Yoga to the People in NYC's East Village in 2010.

Talia sees nothing as external to her studies: she has learned impeccable skill and technique from masters of ballet, yoga, and art. Equally, she finds sensitivity, intuition, and insight are to be found through connection with the seemingly ordinary world around us and that no teacher is greater than the one within.

Talia has been traveling the world teaching yoga for the past four years. She recently relocated to Tel Aviv where she lives with her husband Ezra and their newborn son, Akiva. She is excited, humbled, and honored by the opportunity to spread her love of yoga worldwide and is grateful for all her teachers and students.

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Talia Sutra's "Love & All is Coming: Immersion" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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This plan is an immersion into the center of your being and the interplay between your emotional and physical layers. Through yoga asana and meditation we dive deeper into the chakras that influence the energy centers of our body. The practice works into more advanced postures and builds upon the foundations of the first Love & All Is Coming plan. We’ll continue our exploration of the Heart chakra and will navigate through the three upper body chakras: Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Every week I will lead you through three full-length practices that build upon the physical side of the practice, as well as three meditations that are a journey through the emotional and spiritual. The hour-long physical asanas will help you tap into each individual chakra, and the next day we will navigate deeper through guided meditation.

My hope is that this series allows you to approach your mat and your life with love. Just like the chakras of our body are connected, so are we to each other and the universe. By working into our more subtle layers with meditation, the physical body releases from its usual tensions and stresses, and becomes more open and receptive.

Talia Sutra's "Love & All is Coming" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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Yoga has so much to offer in helping us realize our fullest potentials. In this series you will connect breath, meditation and asana to rekindle the most powerful mantra: love! This connection will empower you to embrace a practice rich in self-love, non-judgment and deep compassion through 60-minute yoga practices and short yet powerful 10-minute meditations.

This month-long series blends Hatha yoga with Vinyasa-like flows. Each day we will focus on one of the four centers of the body to create activated and healthy chakras. We'll touch the heart with twists and backbends, our solar with hip openers, and roots and sacral areas with core and standing postures. Each corresponding meditation is an opportunity to intentionally reflect and inspire purposeful change within yourself. Most importantly, you’ll learn to come to your practice each day with an open heart and know that with love, all is coming.

I believe that when we make a personal change in our own lives, it changes the design of the entire universe. And when that change comes from love and self-awareness, the possibilities within us are endless.