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Strength Intelligence

Meghan Currie

About the Bundle

This training program is for anyone who wants to rediscover their body, learn to move with grace, and develop newfound meaning of body awareness and control. Developing strength requires so much more than muscular effort or doing heavy, fast-paced workouts – strength is about maintaining control and having the ability to move with ease and fluidity.

This bundle will teach you how to perform – to move, flow, hold and fly – with grace. To move with a perfect balance of ease and effort, and balance these two as you continuously flow and transition from one state to another. You will also learn to maintain this harmony over longer period of times and through more difficult movements. By the end of the two-part series you will have the strength to maintain control, balance and grace while flowing through transitional poses, backbending or while inverted.

Phase I introduces the five elements of Strength Intelligence: core, flexibility, balance, strength and backbending – all of which work collectively over four weeks to stabilize, enhance and deepen your yoga practice. In Phase II, inversions are added as our sixth Element and our movements are slowed down even more to expose you to more challenging flows.

I am so incredibly passionate about yoga and the way it can improve quality of life. I feel so blessed to be able to share the techniques and methods that I use daily. I’ve loved every moment in creating this series and hope you do, too. Love you. xoxo Meghan

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Meghan’s yoga style is a unexpected blend of strong and playful. Her flows embody curiosity, complexity, and whimsy to inject lighthearted deliciousness into sequences that are often times quite physically challenging.

Like any recipe, she believes there must be just the right amount of all the ingredients to produce the most epic flavor. When she teaches, she mixes herself with all other unpredictable and delicious ingredients to co-create with the universe and be a part of something grand.

Meghan regularly tours around the globe teaching yoga workshops, retreats and festivals. She believes that every student is also everyone's teacher.

Total Run Time

Duration 8 hrs 11 mins

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12 Videos

2 series

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2 series included in this Bundle

Meghan Currie's "Strength Intelligence Level I" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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This is the first phase of the Strength Intelligence series.

This plan is for anyone who wants to develop strength and grace in their yoga practice. We often think of strength of muscular effort, or working really really hard to do something. In my experience, I've come to understand strength in different way.

In order to develop strength we need to learn how to listen to our bodies. To learn how to breathe, so that wherever the breathe goes we follow. To move in super super slow motion, so that we can digest every single adjustment we are making.

This is a month-long plan that is designed for all levels. Every day you will practice with me as I lead you through the different elements of strength intelligence: core intelligence, flexibility intelligence, backbending intelligence and balance intelligence. There are six workouts that repeat over the month. At the end of every week we bring it all together with a 50 min strength intelligence practice.

Your optimal balance in life is performed when both effort and ease are honored. If these two are balanced, you will develop an enhanced feeling of grace and buoyancy. This is what this plan will teach you so that you can bring strength and grace into your life and your practice. I'm so stoked to share this with you! Love every moment.

Meghan Currie's "Strength Intelligence Level II" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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This is the second phase of the Strength Intelligence series.

This plan builds upon the principles introduced in Strength Intelligence I with longer, harder workouts and more advanced sequences and flows. It also introduces a new element of building strength and grace in your practice with inversion intelligence!

With a similar structure to Level 1, this month-long program includes six workouts to build your core, strength, flexibility and backbending intelligence. Each workout is between 40 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes! It will also take these strengths and turn them upside down with the introduction of inversion intelligence! Each week will consist of six strength days. We’ll conclude each week with a restorative practice.

This practice is very dear to my heart. As are you. Thank you for sharing with me. <3

Love you. xo. Meghan

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Krit C
Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch. Krit C

Meghan has not only changed how I exercise, but how I go about moving for the...

Meghan has not only changed how I exercise, but how I go about moving for the rest of my life! When I started this program, I had just turned 46 and was brand new to exercising. By following this program I am doing things with my body I never thought were possible. I am stronger now than I was in my 20s! My body has changed and my practice is advancing faster than I could have ever dreamed!

Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch. Crystal

What I love most about Strength Intelligence is how Meghan’s breathing techni...

What I love most about Strength Intelligence is how Meghan’s breathing techniques and sequencing compliment one another. While the concept of breath and movement isn’t new to my ears, it has never translated in my body like this before. Meghan’s sequences, cues, and subtle focus really help it land.

Sarah Cassella
Page 1 Copy 3 Created with Sketch. Sarah Cassella

After attending one of Meghan’s workshops, I was inspired to try out one of h...

After attending one of Meghan’s workshops, I was inspired to try out one of her programs on Cody. My expectations of an online-type yoga class were completely blown out of the water! I can say that there is little difference between Meghan’s classes in person and on Cody.  

Meghan's fun and free spirit shine through and her subtle cues take you to the next level of understanding your body through yoga. Strength Intelligence is perfect for any yogi who wants to build deeper core strength and cultivate muscle memory. I have practiced yoga for 7 years and taught for 3 – Strength Intelligence helped to transform my practice by teaching me strength and engagement of accessory muscles that I could not clearly access before. For the first time ever, I feel like I can float on my mat!