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Adrian Michael Green is a writer, speaker, and teacher who currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area. His inspiring affirmations allow those who hear them to be motivated and pause for self-reflection. He has worked closely with students of all ages and backgrounds, from elementary school children to first-generation college students, during his time as a teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and as part the Diverse Scholars Program at the Leeds School of Business in Boulder, Colorado. Adrian also taught an undergraduate course at UC Berkeley called “Wayfinding Your Purpose” that focused on purpose and belonging.

Through all these experiences, Adrian always strives to help others lead their lives with meaning and have courageous conversations. He has published 20 poetry books centered on love and is the founder of lovasté, a holistic health and wellness company committed to personal and interpersonal development. Adrian’s affirmations combine all his skills as a teacher, writer, and communicator so listeners can be more in tune with themselves and receive wisdom to help with whatever they’re going through.

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