Emily Sferra

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Emily is a barre instructor and licensed acupuncturist based in the central coast of California.

After dancing professionally for several years post college, Emily transitioned into teaching barre and quickly fell in love with the intense physical and mental challenge this type of workout provides. She has always found the distinct combination of movement and music as a powerful means to release, discover, explore, and build strength from within.

Since 2012, Emily has had the honor of leading thousands of barre classes across the U.S., alongside training and mentoring dozens of other barre instructors. Beyond her tenured teaching experience, Emily is a certified Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist and is passionate about providing women safe and effective workouts through this season of life. Most recently, Emily has completed her Doctorate in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, and is thrilled to be a licensed acupuncturist serving her local community in this capacity.

Emily loves how teaching allows her the opportunity to create community, educate and empower those who take her class, and be a partner in their pursuit of wellness. Emily takes an “all in” approach; she’s known for her high energy, full accountability, and diligent, form-focused style.

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