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Jackie Stewart is a meditation teacher, mindfulness advisor, and certified integrative sound and music practitioner based in New York City.

Originally from California, Jackie moved to NYC with bachelor’s degrees in communication and leadership, a sense of adventure, and an introspective nature. While pursuing a master’s degree in media, culture, and communication at New York University, she was simultaneously building a presence for herself within the global fashion and entertainment communities as a model and actress. It was during this time when she felt the pull to find a mindful balance between the external world and her own inner life.

During a retreat at a monastery in Nepal, she connected with Tibetan Buddhist teachings and has explored and studied the various lineages ever since. Though she didn’t initially set out to teach meditation, this journey of self-discovery sparked her desire to share these teachings with others. She went on to complete The Interdependence Project's meditation teacher training, The Open Center's Integrative Sound and Music practitioner certification, and UC Berkeley’s Science of Happiness Program to help fuse this inner and outer world connection for others.

Today, Jackie brings mindfulness into action through her involvement in social activism, leading corporate meditations, engaging in philanthropic work, and motherhood. She also co-facilitates sound meditations alongside her husband throughout NYC.

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