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As a former basketball player and pole vaulter, Jade Alectra was taught that if she wasn’t working out to the point of pain and failure, she wasn’t working at all. Doctors told her she would not be able to run or exercise again after suffering from a knee injury that led to depression and overeating. At her wit’s end, she tried yoga and walked out of the first three classes she took. She stayed for the fourth.

Jade found that yoga was the mirror she needed to help her heal from past hurt, trauma, and heartbreak. She decided to become a yoga teacher to help guide people home to themselves. Rather than telling people to “leave things behind,” her emotion-based teaching style encourages people to work through it on the mat. She aims to help students awaken what’s been sleeping and embark on a journey of self acceptance, love, and growth. She currently teaches classes in Southern California and leads workshops and retreats around the world.

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