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Mike Adams is a former NFL football player and current yoga instructor who leads classes, events, and retreats around the world.

After playing football for Ohio State, his football career took him to Pittsburgh for four years where he played for the Steelers, then to Chicago for a year as he played for the Bears. He was introduced to yoga by a teammate in Pittsburgh who took him to a hot power yoga class for a challenging (and humbling) experience. He began to crave that feeling and started adding yoga to his training regimen to improve his cardio, flexibility, and injury recovery.

In an effort to heal his body and mind and avoid further injury, he decided to walk away from football and join a yoga teacher training to dive deeper into the mental and spiritual limbs of yoga. Now as a teacher, his inspiring training style guides others to discover patterns within themselves and find freedom through movement and mental awareness. Students love his focus on alignment and safe practice, inversions and pose progressions, core stability, and hip mobility.

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