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Myles Rodney is a Los Angeles-based instructor and musician who turned a passion for boxing into a love of overall fitness. Originally from St. Joseph, Missouri, Myles moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling, where he discovered boxing as a fun, energetic way to build strength and prepare for gigs. As someone who found it hard to look forward to the gym, he was drawn to the techniques and strategy of boxing and began weightlifting to improve his performance.

Since then, Myles has been teaching boxing and fitness classes with a motivational, encouraging style that will inspire you to challenge yourself with each curl, jab, punch, and cross. When he’s not bringing the energy in his fast-paced, mood-boosting workouts, you can find him writing and recording new songs in the studio. Get ready to catch Myles’ contagious optimism, confidence, and commitment when you choose his classes.

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