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Olivia Poling is an LA-based certified personal trainer and certified nutrition coach.

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, Olivia was devoted to musical theatre and dance. She was a ballerina for 15 years and had the goal of being on Broadway. After high school, she began questioning her path and realized that she wanted something different than the path she initially envisioned. She decided to take a break, got her training license on a whim, and devoted herself even more to her physical fitness.

After a chance meeting one day while working out at a gym in New York City, she got the opportunity to work as a trainer at a prominent gym that was opening in LA and moved across the country for the job. After a year of working there and training high-profile celebrity clients, she lost her job due to COVID — but she decided not to give up on herself. She began posting workouts and creating content to help people virtually, then eventually began training clients in-person again. She turned her curveballs into success and now enjoys a thriving career training people one-on-one, in groups, in studio, and at clients’ homes.

Olivia received her personal training, nutrition, and strength & conditioning certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association. Her goal is to encourage people all over the world to be the best version of themselves and inspire confidence through movement.

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