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Susy Markoe Schieffelin of @thecoppervessel is an LA-based sound healer, reiki master, Kundalini yoga teacher, inspirational speaker, and founder of The Sound Healer's Academy who has led sound baths viewed or attended by millions of people all over the world. Growing up on the East Coast, Susy spent years struggling with anxiety, addiction, and depression. Her life was transformed when she discovered the therapeutic benefits of sound healing, reiki, yoga, and meditation.

After her own healing and recovery, she felt called to help others experience the power of these practices. She began training in these disciplines, and eventually left her career in marketing and luxury lifestyle management to create her business, The Copper Vessel. The Copper Vessel aims to help people live their happiest, healthiest, most radiant lives. She wants to help people heal and open their hearts to a new understanding of self-love. 

Along with her experience with these healing modalities, Susy holds a double degree in East Asian studies and religious studies, is a certified yoga instructor, and is a Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master. She has studied many forms of meditation and mindfulness, including transcendental and Vipassana meditation, kundalini yoga, breathwork, and sound healing. Susy is also the Founder of The Sound Healer's Academy, a professionally accredited innovative Crystal Alchemy Sound Healing Certification and Spiritual Business Mentorship training with hundreds of alumni worldwide. Susy's mission is to help others find healing and hope by tapping into the inner peace, light, abundance, vibrational harmony, and love that exists within us all.

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