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Partner Ab Routine- Rookie
From 6 Pack Abs 2.0! by Elise Caira

Working out with friends is a great way to switch up your normal routine and provide additional motivation. You can do this routine in one of two ways: you can alternate through each exercise, or, to make it more challenging, go through the entire routine one person at a time.

1. Partner Russian Twists -10 Reps each way
2. *V Twist Throw Right - 10 Reps
3. **Sit Up- Russian Twist Combo - 10 Reps
4. V Twist Throw Left - 10 Reps
5. ***Leg Throws - 8 Reps
6. Sit Up Throws - 10 Reps
7. Oblique Leg Throw - 5 Reps each side

Side Notes:
* On the V Twist Throws make sure to keep your feet off the ground and engage your core.
** Sit Up Russian Twist- For this move one person will be doing a Russian twist, while the other person completes a sit up. When each partner completes both moves that's 1 rep!
*** Make sure your partner doesn't go easy on you, these should be hard throws!

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