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How To Approach This Plan

I’m so excited you’ve joined me!

This month long plan consists of five workouts a week and two rest days.

This plan is safe for you to incorporate into your current routine, but I encourage you to try these workouts for one week on its own. This will allow you to feel how your body reacts to the movements and where you might need to build more strength or awareness. Listen to your body!

Do the Arm Balance and Inversions tutorial first – this class is an in-depth look at these postures and will help you build a solid foundation and will get you prepped for what’s to come. You can come back to it and use as a reference any time you need.

This plan is meant to inspire you and I want you to have fun with it! Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t close to a handstand or the poses and transitions we do in this series. Everyone advances at different rates and just because you don’t get it after a week or month, doesn’t mean it will never come. As long as you stick with it, I know you’ll get there!

Ashley Galvin’s Online Workout Videos on Alo Moves

Ashley’s Bio

Ashley Galvin is a yoga instructor based in Southern California. She is known around the world for her strength and flexibility, and she constantly inspires others with her yoga practice.

Ashley spent her childhood between the beaches and mountains of California. Inspired by the healthy lifestyle of her parents, she embarked on a journey to learn more about nutrition and the benefits of active living. That path led her to her first yoga class in 2009, where she fell in love with the practice.

Determined to help empower others through yoga, she began teaching in 2011 and has since taught workshops, retreats, and classes all over the world. Her strong, dynamic flows help cultivate body awareness, empower others to embrace their unique gifts, and give students a deep understanding of their yoga practice.

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