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Day 13: Evenly Roasted

Almost there, friends! Having a happy core not only means strength, but also a way to cleanse and restore our inner life force. This class includes some of my favorite core activators. Movements in this class may appear easy, but they are deceiving! They are great for finding gracefulness in your movement as well as integrated the awareness in the body for handstand pressing.

Erin Kelly’s Online Workout Videos on Alo Moves

Erin’s Bio

Erin Kelly is a traveling yoga teacher based in Venice Beach, California. Known for her grace and fluidity of movement, she can often be found playing upside down or cultivating creativity through unique transitions. While her teaching style is refreshing and light, she incorporates precise cues and pose breakdowns to help students understand the movements of their bodies and the path to personal growth.

A true artist by nature, Erin received a BFA in Oil Painting from The Maryland Institute College of Art. Whether it’s with a paintbrush in hand, or through body movement, she is prudently creating her own form of art and expression. She continues to develop a strong personal practice, and consciously chooses not to be defined by a particular style or lineage of yoga. She has studied under Meghan Currie, Tearson Bickmore, and has received extended hours of Dharma and Rocket Yoga experience under a Yancy Schwartz mentorship.

She has been featured in and contributed to publications including Mantra Magazine, Yoga Guide Magazine, and Yoga Journal. These days, you can find her focusing her time on creating unique, informative, and stimulating classes, workshops, and trainings.

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