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How To Approach This Plan

Welcome and congratulations on embarking on this incredible meditative journey!

Each week I will guide you through one of seven meditations. Whether you choose to meditate before leaving bed, on your way to work, at your lunch break, or before bed, each 10-minute class will help you reset, center and take on the day with a specific intention!

I encourage you to journal during this series. It is not required and your entries do not need to be long, but journaling post-meditation may help you dive deeper into any realizations or questions that arise.

I am so excited for you to see the incredible impact meditation can have on your life and relationships! Let’s begin.

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Aubry’s Bio

Aubry is an LA-based yoga instructor whose personal practice is heavily influenced by mindfulness and meditation. She believes that weaving these elements into the asana breaks down the ego, opens one’s heart, and invites a new sense of joy to life. Wholeheartedly admitting that she was once a fighter instead of a lover, Aubry’s passion for blending asana and meditation has become a major way for her to deepen her own self-awareness and development.

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