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Day 2: Invite Gratitude

I know just how transformative meditation can be. People have asked me "who is meditation for?" and I was stumped. Meditation is a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. It's like asking "who is breathing for?" E V E R Y O N E.

Actively set the intention to find gratitude in every situation (even those that don't seem to be deserving) and you will find yourself living a life filled with joy. Sometimes even the slightest smile can lighten your perception of an experience. Car trouble on the way to work? It’s ok. Be grateful you're alive and well. Breakup? It's ok. Out with the old and welcome the new. Struggling with a pose it feels like you won't ever get? You're e x a c t l y where you should be. Be grateful for the process, the journey. Grateful for a body that feels and communicates. “Today my heart is open and filled with love and gratitude for the life I live and the people in it.”

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Aubry’s Bio

Aubry is an LA-based yoga instructor whose personal practice is heavily influenced by mindfulness and meditation. She believes that weaving these elements into the asana breaks down the ego, opens one’s heart, and invites a new sense of joy to life. Wholeheartedly admitting that she was once a fighter instead of a lover, Aubry’s passion for blending asana and meditation has become a major way for her to deepen her own self-awareness and development.

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