Preview: Be Vulnerable

This is Day 1 of Aubry Marie's "From Fear to Love Meditations" plan.

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It took seeing my entire life transform through meditation – not yoga asana alone – for me to realize that meditation is something worth sharing.

“Transcend fear" has become my daily mantra. I allow it to drive every area of my life and by doing so, I've experienced life in a very special way. Almost like a dream I create breath by breath, I feel my manifestations come to fruition moment to moment!

A little tip from someone who can't sit still for 5 minutes: make it your number one priority. My goal is to meditate before I leave my room in the morning. This keeps it from getting lost in the shuffle or the "I'll do it later" mindset.

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Aubry’s Bio

Aubry is an LA-based yoga instructor whose personal practice is heavily influenced by mindfulness and meditation. She believes that weaving these elements into the asana breaks down the ego, opens one’s heart, and invites a new sense of joy to life. Wholeheartedly admitting that she was once a fighter instead of a lover, Aubry’s passion for blending asana and meditation has become a major way for her to deepen her own self-awareness and development.

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