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Hip / Hamstring Flexibility

MacKenzie Miller

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About the Series

In this plan we work towards increasing the mobility of your hip joint, and ankles as well as the flexibility of the muscles in your glutes and hamstrings.

This is an extremely practical plan for office-workers because the posterior chain of the legs is one of the weakest areas in our bodies due to our modern lifestyles of excess sitting. If you reduce the tension around the hips and increase the mobility of the hip joint itself, you can drastically reduce most low back pain and dysfunction.

If you strength train and have poor range of motion in your hips or a weak posterior chain due to tightness, this significantly impacts the weight, power and depth of your squat and can keep you from achieving move advanced yoga postures.

I hope you enjoy!

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Work hard, find softness. MacKenzie Miller will leave you feeling as if you have flirted with gravity and laughed with the divine. Students are instantaneously transported away from the hustle of their daily lives, allowing their mat to be an arena reserved for cultivating inner peace.

MacKenzie is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. Her teaching combines thorough understanding of alignment and anatomy with the joy of balance and movement. She engages deeply with her students and her classes are thoughtfully sequenced, creating a safe space to have fun and explore, work hard yet find softness.

No aspect of the modern practice experience is left untouched. All will leave energized, grinning and humming at the end.

Total Run Time

1 hr 15 min
(4 Videos)


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    This is a three-minute preview of MacKenzie's Hamstring workout.
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    Inner Thighs (18:16)

    The inner thigh is very important because it connects the quadriceps at the front of the leg to the hamstrings in the back, so if the inner thigh has tension, it can transl...
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    Hamstrings (20:38)

    In this video we will focus on increasing the flexibility of the hamstrings.
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    Glutes (17:36)

    In this video we are going to be working on opening the glutes and improving mobility.
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    Ankles (18:48)

    In this video we work on increasing the mobility of the ankles, focusing on the tissue on the bottom of the foot as well as around the calves.