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Mom: Unwind and Restore

Claudine Lafond

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If mom is happy and calm, the entire family thrives! This 20-minute gentle yoga sequence incorporates intentional sun salutations and deep stretches to build freedom and flexibility in your body. We'll also fit in some time to unwind so you can feel refreshed and ready to take on your day.

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Claudine Lafond is an international yoga teacher who inspires students around the world to celebrate their own unique light and beauty. She connected with yoga over 15 years ago in her hometown of New York City and immediately resonated with the transformative and healing nature of the practice. She strives to create an inclusive environment where students can feel good and have fun while exploring new possibilities.

Claudine believes humor is an essential ingredient in yoga, and laughter is the best core exercise. Her intuitive and playful style of teaching is influenced by fitness, pilates, and several yoga lineages, including AcroYoga, Anusara, Forrest, Hatha, Iyengar, Kripalu, and Vinyasa.

Through a desire to help others follow their bliss, she and her husband Honza created the brand YogaBeyond® and the practice ACROVINYASA™, a transformative stream of yoga that cultivates trust and community. She is also a certified holistic health counselor through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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    This is a 7-minute preview of Claudine Lafond's "Mom: Unwind and Restore" class.
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    If mom is happy and calm, the entire family thrives! This 20-minute gentle yoga sequence incorporates...