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Core: 1st Trimester
From Phoenix: Prenatal HIIT by Jennifer Forrester

This routine will help you activate your core and pelvic floor. Many women are concerned about working their abdominals during pregnancy. They worry they may be dangerous, so they avoid doing any core work at all. Research has shown how important it is to know how to how to properly engage your core muscles. As your belly grows and your abdominals get become stretched, in this trimester you will memorize what proper core engagement feels like.

1. Cat / Cow
2. Opposite arm/leg raises
3. Plank + down dog
4. V-Sit lean and reach
5. 1/2 plank forward tap
6. Kegel holds

Jennifer Forrester’s Online Workout Videos on Alo Moves

Jennifer’s Bio

Jennifer is a certified pre/post-natal fitness instructor as well as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She has also held certifications as with NASM as a Certified personal trainer and a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Her training and nutrition methods have helped many of her clients have an easier pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.

Jennifer is an expert whose competitive spirit and passion for movement are paired with her commitment to helping others. As an accomplished track and field athlete who started running at age seven, she has a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and insight. Her competitive nature helped her earn a full scholarship to compete as a Division 1 sprinter at the University of Washington. To this day, Jennifer says running is still her exercise of choice.

Jennifer’s greatest strength has been developed into helping others gain a new perspective and acknowledging that they are on a fitness journey that is uniquely their own. Jennifer has worked with a number of online publications including,, and many others. Today she continues to share her expertise with a number of media outlets as an ambassador of health and wellness.

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