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Plasticity: Fascial Stretching

Dylan Werner

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About the Series

Fascia is the connective tissue that weaves throughout the entire body. It makes up our tendons, ligaments, and over 30 percent of our muscle. The majority of our flexibility and limitation in movement comes from the restrictions of our fascia, and this plan is designed to address just that.

Plasticity refers to fascia changing its length and retaining its shape. When fascia is stretched past its elastic qualities for longer periods of time, the bonds that hold the fascia together are altered and new bonds form. This remolding of fascia promotes improved mobility by reducing tension and rigidity.

The majority of traditional stretching tends to focus on a single joint or muscle group. This is similar to stretching a plastic bag, but only in the middle of the bag. Working into plasticity, however, is like holding a plastic bag from both ends and stretching it evenly across the entire bag, rather than just in the middle. If you work to stretch the fascia as a whole, along the entire fascial line, you increase your potential to be more flexible.

Each of the five classes in this series stretches through one of the five major fascial lines. By separating the videos into different fascial sheets, you get the optimal amount of time to rest, recover, and remodel one fascial line before continuing on to stretch others. The poses in this series are held for 8 to 10 breaths to allow enough time to stretch into the fascia and maximize our time efficiently.

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Dylan grew up in the mountains of Southern California, where at an early age he was into fitness, movement, extreme sports, and nature. At 18, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as an aircraft firefighter, and also wrestled for the All-Marine wrestling team. After one tour of duty in the Iraqi war, Dylan was honorably discharged and returned to California to attend university, where he studied anatomy and emergency medicine. Dylan spent eight years working as a paramedic; four years on an ambulance and another four years as a full-time firefighter/paramedic.

Dylan was first introduced to yoga in 2001 as a part of his martial arts training, but it wasn't until 2009 when he made the yoga practice a part of his daily life and started to understand the true journey of the yogi.

Since 2011, Dylan has been teaching yoga. Though a lover of movement, handstands, arm balances and creative sequencing, his focus is the integration of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence to create a space to deepen the inner connection.

In 2015, Dylan gave up his home in California to travel and teach workshops, teacher trainings, festivals, and retreats. He has taught in over 60 countries and more than 400 workshops or events. He is passionate about spreading his love for yoga and helping others in their journey by sharing his journey.

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    This is a preview of Dylan Werner's "SF Back Line & Deep Back Arm Lines" class.
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    In this class, we focus on our superficial front line, which begins at the top of our feet and goes all the way to the top of the head. Repeating the holds in this class wi...
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    This class centers around the back of the body, starting at the bottom of the feet and working our way up the entire back side of the body to the neck.
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    These fascial lines are incredibly important because they help create stability in both the superficial front and superficial back lines and can be quite tight due to daily...
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    The fascial lines in this class impact our ability for mobility. The Spiral and Functional Lines help us with rotation, counterbalance, and stability. We will use gentle tw...
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    Deep Front Line (29:42)

    The muscles in our deep front line include the psoas, deep core, and diaphragm. These muscles are important because they are what we use as yogis and movers.