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Shoulder Therapy

Hannah Haller

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Feeling tense in the shoulders? This 20-minute class will explore your range of motion and stability within the shoulder girdle. You’ll move through some heated movements with a strap, then open your body with postures like puppy pose and melt into twists like thread the needle.

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Hannah Haller began taking yoga classes in 2005 and found herself drawn to the practice during a time of personal soul searching. Her curiosity has since taken her all over the globe as she’s sought continuing education and led workshops, retreats, and trainings.

Hannah began her yoga training under Ana Forrest in South Africa. In the following years, her pursuit of education and desire to teach led her to places such as France, Spain, Fiji, and Australia. In 2015, while living in Colombia, she fell in love with the art of acroyoga and moved to the United States to train with acro yogis Jason Nemer and Daniel Scott, and acrobat Jean-Luc Martin at the San Diego Circus Center.

Her beautiful, nature-inspired practice and travels are documented on her popular Instagram account, @gypsyon__. Her fun approach to yoga keeps everyone smiling, and she believes asana is just a vehicle that helps us travel inward.

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    This is a 6-minute preview of Hannah Haller's "Shoulder Therapy" class.
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    Feeling tense in the shoulders? This 20-minute class will explore your range of motion and...