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This class demystifies handstands with drills, tips, and techniques to help you work toward this inversion. You’ll learn about correct positioning, body engagement, and different ways in and out of handstand using Talia’s three-step method. Don’t forget to keep your sense of play and curiosity as you work through this tutorial!

Talia Sutra’s Online Workout Videos on Alo Moves

Talia’s Bio

Born in Israel, Talia, along with her family, relocated to New York early in her life. Growing up in a structured home environment in the heart of NYC sparked her innate curiosity about life and self discovery. She was first introduced to yoga and meditation at age 6, when her mom integrated these practices into her lifestyle to beat lymphoma. After dropping out of art school, Talia began teaching at Yoga to the People in NYC's East Village in 2010.

Talia sees nothing as external to her studies: she has learned impeccable skill and technique from masters of ballet, yoga, and art. Equally, she finds sensitivity, intuition, and insight are to be found through connection with the seemingly ordinary world around us and that no teacher is greater than the one within.

Talia has been traveling the world teaching yoga for the past four years. She recently relocated to Tel Aviv where she lives with her husband Ezra and their newborn son, Akiva. She is excited, humbled, and honored by the opportunity to spread her love of yoga worldwide and is grateful for all her teachers and students.

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