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Total Sculpt will get you in the best shape of your life! With the perfect combination of full-body HIIT workouts and positive affirmations, get ready for your best body to shine through!

Over the course of 60 days we will move, sweat and sculpt your arms, legs, abs and booty with fun bodyweight exercises that will challenge you to give 100% every day and push past your perceived limits. Each high-energy and creative class revolves around a central theme so that when you reach your physical edge, you will channel this affirmation and keep going! Every week concludes with a “peak workout” that will track your progress and test your improving strength and endurance.

If you’re looking for a challenge and to feel your absolute best, the next 60 days will change your life! Let’s do this!

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Koya Webb is an internationally recognized health and wellness coach passionate about inspiring people to reach their goals through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Koya is a highly regarded source and contributor to the health and wellness community appearing on NBC and CBS as well as being featured in magazines such as Essence, Oxygen and Max Sport and Fitness. Her transformational seminars, retreats and workshops have inspired many to live more holistic and fulfilling lives.

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2 hrs 16 mins

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Koya Webb's "Total Sculpt 1.0" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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Get real results and build your best body with fun full-body HIIT workouts designed to sculpt your arms, legs, abs and booty!

Every day in this month-long series will not only tone your entire body, but will hone your mental strength. These workouts are meant to be tough, so each class has a central theme and intention so that when you hit your physical edge, you can go back to this affirmation and push yourself past your limits! As you progress through this all-levels program you will build self-love and confidence, and you'll learn to face life's obstacles with positive determination and fierce inner strength!

Koya Webb's "Total Sculpt 2.0" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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Take your fitness to the next level with Total Sculpt 2.0! This month-long program will sculpt your mind and body with a brand new set of bodyweight HIIT workouts designed to get you more toned and sweatier than ever!

The 2.0 workouts have the same format as the first series, but include more advanced exercises and increased reps. This means you'll be working harder, but after 1.0 you're primed and ready for it! You'll continue building strength in mind and body with movements that sculpt your legs, arms, abs and booty and intention setting to get you mentally on point. You'll tackle each workout with determination and inner fire, and because these workouts are only 10 minutes, you can go all out and give 100% each and every time!

I know you have what it takes – let's do this!