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Power FULL

Power up your strength with this full-body barre workout. Using weights and props, this high-intensity sequence will work deep into your legs and core with a targeted focus on the side body and transverse obliques. Expect to leave class feeling sweaty, strong, and powerful.

Adrienne Kimberley’s Online Workout Videos on Alo Moves

Adrienne’s Bio

Adrienne’s classes are an enrapturing combination of rhythm, fluidity, and fire. She is fiercely dedicated to intuitive and flowing movement, and she delights in the challenge to choreograph transitions that feel seamless and beautiful.

Her unconventional approach embraces body-positive language, radical presence, and a heartfelt connection to your authentic self. Adrienne believes you’re already perfect, and her classes remind you how to occupy your entire body with compassion and power.

Adrienne is the owner of, and Master Trainer for Seattle-based Bohemian Studios, which leads on barre and yoga classes. She also leads Barre Teacher Training, Yoga Teacher Training and hosts retreats across the globe.

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