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Day 8: Strength Practice I

Duration 41 minutes 11 seconds
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Difficulty & Intensity Guide

Welcome to week 2! The movements in this plan are tough! It takes a lot of time to learn how to properly engage the muscles in your body. That's why we're repeating the same workouts for a month. If there were particular movements in this practice that were tough for you last week, prepare yourself mentally before those poses so that you can use this time to train your mind as well as your body.

Here's your workout for today:

1. Wrist warm ups
2. Basic Squat with Shoulder Stretch and Wrist Rolls
3. Downward Facing Dog
4. Lizard lunge hip opener optional quad stretch (R)
5. Wide Legged Forward Fold
6. Lizard lunge hip opener optional quad stretch (L)
7. Wide Legged Forward Fold with Twist
8. Basic Vinyasa
9. Sun Salutations 5 rounds

10. Awkward plank 30 sec each side 2 rounds
11. Chataranga Holds 15 sec 3 rounds
12. Knee to elbow 6 reps 2 rounds
13. SASS (Straight Arm Scapular Strength) Core Lifts 10 reps
14. Forearm Plank 1 minute hold
15. Dolphin Press 5 reps 2 rounds
16. Extensors 1 minute
17. Tip Toe Knee Lifts 10 reps
18. Heal to Knee 5 Reps
19. Shoulder Pumps 1 minute
20. 2 rounds of Wall Assisted Shoulder Extensions 10 reps
21. Lolasana Lifts
22. Camel pose 30 seconds
23. 2 rounds of Wheel 30 seconds
24. Navasana/Ardha Navasana 20 reps
25. Crow 30 seconds 2 Rounds
26. Vertical V ups 10 reps

27. Pigeon Pose 1 minute each side
28. Head to Knee Pose 1 minute each side
29. Supine Twist
30. Savasana

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