Tortoise Progressions with Deepika Mehta

Deepika Mehta

Turn inward to focus on your tortoise-like patience with Kurmasana or Tortoise pose with Deepika Mehta Yoga.

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In 1997, Deepika’s life was forever changed by a near-death rock climbing accident. Doctors told her she would never walk again. Not one to allow obstacles to deter her spirit and enthusiasm for life, Deepika sought alternative approaches and methods of physical and emotional healing including meditation, pranayama, and yoga. She began her yoga journey with Sivananda Yoga, which eventually led her to Ashtanga Yoga.

Since that time, Deepika has traveled around the world studying with various masters such as Richard Freeman, Dena Kingsberg, Prem Carlisi, Lino Miele, and Rolf Naujokat. She is currently learning Ashtanga’s Advanced A Series with Sharath Jois, who is the Director of the Ashtanga Yoga Institute.

Deepika lives in Mumbai, India where she teaches regularly. She also travels the world with her husband, Mark Robberds, spreading the magic of Ashtanga to the world.