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Day 8: Amplify Breath

Amplify your breath practice. This class explores Nadi Shodhana pranayama, or alternate nostril breath, to balance and energize your mind and body. You’ll begin slow and sweet, progressively build to a peak, then come down with a sweet landing into a guided meditation. Continued layering techniques and retentions will create a growing journey of breath flow.

Meghan Currie’s Online Workout Videos on Alo Moves

Meghan’s Bio

Meghan’s yoga style is a unexpected blend of strong and playful. Her flows embody curiosity, complexity, and whimsy to inject lighthearted deliciousness into sequences that are often times quite physically challenging.

Like any recipe, she believes there must be just the right amount of all the ingredients to produce the most epic flavor. When she teaches, she mixes herself with all other unpredictable and delicious ingredients to co-create with the universe and be a part of something grand.

Meghan regularly tours around the globe teaching yoga workshops, retreats and festivals. She believes that every student is also everyone's teacher.

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