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In this video we focus on wrist mobility. The wrists are often times overlooked, but are crucial to yoga poses, weight training and daily tasks like computer work or driving.

1) Myofascial release of the forearms.
Start in a kneeling position with your right forearm on the ground and palm face up near your left knee. Bring your right shin to the top of the forearm and gently bring your weight down. Slide the shin bone up and down your relaxed forearm, pausing in areas of increased tension or where you feel any intensity. Spend about a minute on each side, but take as much time as you need.

You can also take this up a notch by using a tennis or lacrosse ball. Using a ball may find tighter and harder to reach areas not only on the soft side but also the top side of your forearm. This is really useful if you have carpel tunnel syndrome because it releases and alleviates some of the tension and build-up in the muscles.

2) Wrist Prep
Interlace the fingers and begin moving your fists in counterclockwise circles. Do about ten circles, then switch directions and do another ten circles. We will repeat this twice. If you feel it takes you more time to warm up, feel free to pause the video and resume once you’re wrists are warm.

With palms together, inhale and bring the hands in front of the face and squeeze the elbows together. As you exhale, press your palms together and bring the hands down toward the navel. Be sure that the base of your wrists don’t separate as you move your hands down. Move with your breath and be sure to keep even pressure in all of your fingers.

3) Dynamic range of motion
Coming onto all fours with hands shoulder-width apart and with the fingers facing out, begin shifting your weight forward and back. Next shift from side to side and then move in circles. Do five circles counterclockwise and five clockwise. Throughout these movements, the weight in your fingers and edge of your hands should be evenly distributed.

Next, open both hands and extend all ten fingers. Close your hands and wrap your thumbs on top. Explode your hands open and squeeze them closed. Increase the speed as you go and be sure to extend the fingers as much as possible.

We will repeat these dynamic movements once more.

4) Static stretches
With your right arm extended out and palm facing up, reach your left hand under your right arm and grab your right thumb. Keeping the hand energized, spread the fingers, flex your wrist and gently draw your thumb back. After holding for a few breaths, move on to your index finger. This movement is less of a pull and more of a careful grab and reach – the purpose is to stretch and lengthen the muscle from your fingers, across your palm, and all the way to your wrist. Once you’ve gone through each finger, switch to your left hand.

Start on all fours and rotate your fingers back towards the thighs. Be sure to keep your shoulder stable, all ten fingers planted, and avoid hyperextending or locking out your elbows. If you have the wrist mobility, slowly sit your hips back and hold for about two minutes.

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