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Mobility & Flexibility

MacKenzie Miller

About the Bundle

This bundle is for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility, range of motion and joint mobility. Flexibility is essential for any type of sport or activity as it opens up the body to new movements and transitions while increasing muscular performance. For those with less-active lifestyles, this bundle is a perfect toolkit to release tension and provide therapeutic relief to help with injury prevention by using myofacial release, dynamic warm-ups and static stretching.

This bundle includes six plans that cover the whole body starting with the shoulders, pecs and the upper back; moving our concentration to the lats, triceps and wrists; and also focusing on the low back and spine, hips, hamstrings, quads and ankles.

You can track your progress through my Mobility Tests to see where you are on the “healthy” to “dysfunctional” scale and see how far you have come.

Mobility is something we are all born with, and we use these muscles no matter your activity level. With some attention and consistency, you will see improvement in flexibility and range of motion across your entire body and feel the difference in your workouts and daily life!

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Work hard, find softness. MacKenzie Miller will leave you feeling as if you have flirted with gravity and laughed with the divine. Students are instantaneously transported away from the hustle of their daily lives, allowing their mat to be an arena reserved for cultivating inner peace.

MacKenzie is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. Her teaching combines thorough understanding of alignment and anatomy with the joy of balance and movement. She engages deeply with her students and her classes are thoughtfully sequenced, creating a safe space to have fun and explore, work hard yet find softness.

No aspect of the modern practice experience is left untouched. All will leave energized, grinning and humming at the end.

Total Run Time

4 hrs 49 mins

Total Videos

21 Videos

6 series

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6 series included in this Bundle

MacKenzie Miller's "Hip / Hamstring Flexibility" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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In this plan we work towards increasing the mobility of your hip joint, and ankles as well as the flexibility of the muscles in your glutes and hamstrings.

This is an extremely practical plan for office-workers because the posterior chain of the legs is one of the weakest areas in our bodies due to our modern lifestyles of excess sitting. If you reduce the tension around the hips and increase the mobility of the hip joint itself, you can drastically reduce most low back pain and dysfunction.

If you strength train and have poor range of motion in your hips or a weak posterior chain due to tightness, this significantly impacts the weight, power and depth of your squat and can keep you from achieving move advanced yoga postures.

I hope you enjoy!

MacKenzie Miller's "Shoulder Mobility & Flexibility" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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This plan will dramatically increase the mobility of your shoulders, wrists, and chest. Whether you spend a lot of time at your desk, driving a car, practicing inversions, or trying for a heavier bench or overhead press, improved wrist and shoulder mobility will reduce your risk of injury and increase the performance of your sport.

We will work to open up the pecs, anterior and posterior deltoids, and interior of the arm. We’ll also focus on forearm flexibility, which will increase mobility in your wrists and shoulders.

The shoulder is the most complicated joint in our body. This plan will teach you how to stabilize it, help correct your posture, and improve your form - regardless of your sport or physical activity.

MacKenzie Miller's "Hip Flexor / Quad Flexibility" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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This plan will be incredibly therapeutic for everyone, regardless if you live a very active lifestyle, or are very sedentary. It targets the muscles that everyone uses throughout the day walking, standing, sitting, or doing more dynamic laterals or forward movements.

This plan works on releasing tension in the anterior part of the lower body including the hip flexors, quadriceps, the lateral side of the legs, the glutes and IT bands. Because we use them so much in our day-to-day lives, the muscles can get really tight and bound up.

Increasing the mobility of your hip flexors and quads is a must for anyone looking to increase your performance in any type of lateral or forward movement which includes essentially all sports, including soccer, running, walking, basketball, tennis or CrossFit.

I hope your enjoy the therapeutic and performance-enhancing aspects of these mobility drills and stretches!

MacKenzie Miller's "Upper Back Mobility & Flexibility" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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One of the keys to healthy movement, whether you practice yoga, calisthenics, CrossFit, or powerlifting is flexibility and good range of motion in your upper back. In this plan we focus on releasing tension and improving your flexibility in and around the upper back including the trapezius, rhomboids, lats and triceps.

Over time, tightness and knots between the shoulder blades, or scapulas, can impede range of motion and flexibility with overhead movements. Overhead range of motion is crucial to any type of fitness activity, whether you’re trying to improve your inversions or backbends in yoga, or your jerk or press as part of your strength training.

Shoulders are often an area that we neglect in our regular stretching and mobility work, and yet are some of the most important areas to work on for advanced movements. Use this plan to bring awareness, relieve tension and improve mobility in some of the most commonly tight areas in the upper back, with an emphasis on shoulder strength and stability.

MacKenzie Miller's "Mobility & Flexibility Tests" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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In this free plan you can test your mobility, become aware of dysfunctions, learn proper movement and avoid injury. These five fit tests are designed to evaluate the range of motion in your joints and the muscular flexibility in your hips, shoulders, spine, ankles and more. Regardless of your sport or activity, good movement is crucial to achieving optimal form and reducing your risk of injury.

Whether you're a mom, computer programmer, power lifter or yogi, you will learn how to detect unhealthy muscular tension and dysfunction, which can inhibit good movement and result in injuries. We all use these joints and muscles in our daily lives and these tests are the perfect place to self-evaluate and learn!

This is a free plan because mobility and flexibility are key in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle! Test, retest and enjoy.

MacKenzie Miller's "Spine Flexibility" Online Video Workouts on Alo Moves
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This series focuses on releasing tension and increasing the health of your low back. This plan is ideal for everyone – especially those who spend a lot of time seated or doing squats, whether with a barbell at the gym or when picking up your kids. These activities put a lot of stress on the Lumbar spine, which can quickly and easily result in chronic pain.

There are two videos in this plan, both addressing a different and common problem area in the low back. First is the Quadratus Lumborum, which consists of four muscles responsible for side-to-side movement, and in the second video we will cover low back rotation.

In each video we use myofascial release as well as juicy stretches to lengthen and strengthen the muscles that support your spine. The exercises in this program will also expose any tightness in your hips and hamstrings, which can be the source for many low back issues.